From the Director’s Desk

Dear Friend,
          It is the desire for a successful career that brings out the best in every individual. It is always the level headed and straight thinking people who achieve what they aim for. All they need may be is the right advice or a break at the beginning of their career.
Choosing the right career can be a daunting task! Especially, when you are in college or just out of college. We are sure, most of you must be facing the dilemma of whether you should take up a job after your studies or obtain professional training. Good training today holds the key to future success!

          The Aviation, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality, Cargo sectors are the most upcoming industries today. But, there is a dearth of skilled personnel to cater to the ever increasing need of these industries. To bridge this gap, Trade Wings Limited, one of the acknowledged pioneers in the field of Travel& Tourism Industry, decided to set up an Institute of Management with the aim to generate, assimilate and disseminate knowledge and create professionally trained manpower to meet the ever increasing needs of the industry. This idea took shape in the form of Trade-Wings Institute of Management (TIM) Ltd., in the year 1988.

          At TIM, various courses have been designed for aspiring professionals in the field of Travel & Tourism, Hotel, Money Changing (Forex), Domestic Aviation, Car Rentals, Airline BPO/Call Centre Training, Galileo CRS, Cargo & courier (Air, Sea & Logistics), International Trade, Customs Regulations & Procedures, Sales & Marketing, In-Flight & Personality Development and Grooming. All these courses are especially designed to suit student’s time and budget, following the highest international standards. There are various options to choose from and you can also get trained for international examinations like IATA/UFTAA and IATA/FIATA through TIM’s 13 IATA/UFTAA Authorised Training Centres. Care has been taken to keep pace with the changing technologies in the industry and suitable curriculum is designed to you an edge over competing students. We are happy to inform that in the year 2007, TIM’s Kalaghoda Centre in Mumbai was authorised by IATA for its Airline Cabin Crew Training.

          This year TIM has launched specially designed Career courses for Careers at Airports to meet the growing demand of trained manpower to handle the Flight Operations, Flight Despatch, Ramp Handling & Airport Customer Services. By asking for this prospectus you have taken a significant step forward towards building a good career. Obtaining professional training is often the best way of launching any career and at Trade Wings Institute of Management,

“We take your career as seriously as you do”

Wishing you the very best.

Rajan Dani